What is Paradice?

Paradice Studios is a collection of three different creative studios in Grand Junction Colorado. The Recording Studio, The production Studio,  and  The Photography Studio.  While each studio has it’s own respective focus, all three studios are hemmed together with one common goal… TO CREATE. <p>

Studio and owner

I’m Kevin Decker. I started Paradice Studios in 1999.  I built a small tracking room in the basement of my home. It was low tech and confined but we cranked out records for many great musicians. In 2004 I built a new studio in yet another basement but this time we had more square footage to work with. More great recordings were made and state of the art equipment was added.   In 2008 we changed the Audio studio name from Paradice Studios to “The Recording Studio”.  The Recording Studio also has a new location Downtown on Main street in Grand Junction.  Main Street is full of character and local culture. The new location on main has added to the creative ambiance. In the Summer there is plenty of night life, in the winter the city decorates the trees with thousands of lights. Its a great location!


The spelling. “Para-dice”???

I came up with the name years ago and I thought it was clever at the time. Since then I have mostly hated the miss spelled bad pun. Sometimes you stick with something you cant stand because it works. I have tried to change the name several times but I always end up going back. Now the name Paradice Studios is working well as a name for the entity that is composed of The other three studios. So for now I am keeping the name! 😉 Paradice studios is: The Recording studio, The Production Studio and The Photography Studio. Three separate studios, three specialized devisions, one heck of a lot of creativity!

                                               -Kevin Decker, owner Paradice Studios LLC


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